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Who is an Awekid?

Who is an Awekid?
You already know an Awekid.
Awekids are children who personify awesomeness. Awekids make the world a little bit better because they exist.

An Awekid is a child who has a disability or impairment, is neurodiverse, may have a chronic health condition/ illness or even a physical or cognitive difference.

Most importantly, they are a child who defines who they are on their terms and they are the hero of their own story.

Awekids is for all kids.

Awekids aspire to unite all children, of all abilities and differences, to go on magical adventures and educational journeys, to learn through play about inclusivity, representation and acceptance.

Awekids includes you!

Awekids Pinky Promises

Welcome to Awekids! 

Awekids stands for inclusion, representation and acceptance.

Awekids wants to inspire a generation to support and be educated on an inclusive mindset, so that all children know that they belong and a voice.

Awekids wants to create a safe space where all children feel free to express themselves and share their story to the world.

Awekids believe it is up to all of us to make our society a little kinder, a heartful more accepting and worldful more inclusive.

Awekids includes you!

Hello, Hola and G'day

Mariela is the designer and founder of Awekids. She is an illustrator/designer, random information finder, fabric sample hoarder and gummy bear connoisseur. She loves to break out into a random dance and song routine in her car, as well as the occasional food sampling outing and indulge in the sensory banquet of the outdoors, as often as possible. 

She is a Mama of four lil’ beans. Three luchador(es) boys aged 4, 7 and 15 and her referee daughter who is 12. In her spare time she enjoys being involved in her community and helping to advocate for children’s rights, inclusion and diversity. 

Awekids has been in the making for many years in her imagination and daydreams. What pushed her to make Awekids a reality was having her children’s neurodiversity diagnosed. Which has led her to uncovering her own Autistic and ADHD neurotype.

She believes education through fun imaginative play and storytelling is essential to nurture a sense of self identity, agency and creativity. 

‘Through the Awekids playsets I hope to bring children a companion, represention and a vehicle ( literally) to use, to tell their own inclusive story to others on their terms. Because Awekids are the superheroes of their own story"