Aweducating on Inclusivity

Making you the hero of your story.Change that we can all take part in.

Awekids is made for storytelling that includes you!


An Awekids character can be an inclusive representation of your child and their wonderful diversity.

Nurturing a sense of belonging, self advocacy and pride.

Awekids gives all children the opportunity to have a voice, a way to communicate their needs.

Awekids aims to educate everyone to help build confidence, help comfort and assist to form friendship through knowledge and a sense of belonging.


Inclusivity and disability acceptance

Ever wondered what you can do as an ally to help spread the word about inclusivity and disability/neurodivergent acceptance.

Well now is your chance! No matter where you start an inclusivity conversations, home, school or at work. Introducing Awekids inclusivity education to your kids, your friends and your child's school has never been so AWEsome!

Start Aweducational conversation about what disability, inclusivity and accesibility is, what it looks like and how we can all be kinder to one another to ensure all kids thrive and no child is left behind.


Education and Storytelling

Awekids is fun tool for teachers, therapists and an early childhood educators that can be used to have conversations about inclusivity, disability, nerurodivergency and chronic illness. In a fun, relaxed and play based way.

Disabled children can use Awekids activities to share and communicate their story, to their friends and family, on their terms and in their language.


Inclusive fun for all kids!

Awekids knows that your differences is what will change this world for the better. 

AWEducational Activities

Educational Funtivities

Awekids is a place for all kids to openly express themselves, learn and create. That is why Awekids provides free resources and activities, so that alll kids can enjoy learning about inclusivity, acceptance and themselves through creative expression. 

Click here to go to Resources to find super dooper fun activities! Like creating your own Superhero Avatar and more! 

Images: Four children 2 girls and 2 boys of varying ages from 4 to 10. Smiling and proudly holding up their different Awekids colour in and funtivities, to the camera.